Race Rapid Thursday Night Time Trials

We are planning the return of our 10 mile Time Trials from Thursday 16th July. All entries must pre-book and pay using our online booking system HERE or download the GymCatch app and search for Race Rapid, you will find the Time Trial option every Thursday.

On the night we will open the circuit as soon as we can before 6pm for a recce, the circuit will then be cleared with the first rider off at 6.01 pm. You can use the warm up/cool down loop after your TT to cool down until 9:00 pm.

From 14th September, the TT first rider will start at 6:01pm to make use of daylight.

As part of our social distancing and infection control plan, we highlight the following:

  • No spectators
  • Please bring your own safety pins
  • No pusher
  • Changing rooms and showers are closed, toilets available in paddock area
  • All participants will use the upper carpark and access/exit the circuit from there
  • Numbers will be disinfected by us before and after use


This will be a weekly Time Trial every Thursday until 24th September. Start list will be published here at lunchtime every Thursday. Any sign up after start list is released will be added to the end of the start list on the evening. We can accept sign up’s until 6pm. Start time will be allocated alphabetically by surname. If you need an earlier or later start time, please let us know at least 24hrs before the event.

Start lists and results


TT RESULTS sheets 160720



TT Results 060820

TT Results 130820

TT Results 160820 (TYPE A)

TT Results 200820

TT Results 270820

TT Results 030920

TT Results 100920


Course Records:

Male – Daniel Bigham (Ribble Weldtite) – 18.32

Female – Francesca Hall (BoomPods) – 21.30

Upcoming start list:

TT Start sheet 170920

Start sheet will be uploaded around lunchtime on Thursday.

The Courses

Starting just past the Bus Stop chicane, make your way down the hill onto the lower oval circuit. You then complete 10 laps of the lower oval circuit only. Finishing near the end of Gerrards Bend.

The circuit will be open from 6pm to warm up, after 7pm the warm up loop will be used to keep the circuit clear for those doing the TT.

Would also be worthy to note:
All riders are responsible for ensuring they complete the correct distance. This can be done by using a variety of methods.